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Where does Breathe Easy find their candidates?

Our company continuously advertises for the most qualified candidates. We always prescreen and interview prospective candidates in order to ensure quality placements.

Why should we use a temporary staffing service?

Patients make appointment to see their dentist and dental hygienists months in advance. If a regular employee is out for the day it can disrupt the whole flow of the office—upsetting both your staff and your patients. By using a temporary staff member you can keep production numbers up, employees happy and patients satisfied.

Why should we use your company for permanent placement of an employee?

We know that every profitable business has a budget, so we have low flat fees that we charge for employee placement. Compare these to the otherwise costly percentage of annual income and you’ll see that hiring one of our employees is more efficient than taking the time and money to find and interview candidates on your own.

What are Breathe Easy Staffing Solutions fees and policies?

Employees sent to your office will be paid directly by your practice. A separate fee per hour will be paid directly to Breathe Easy Staffing Solutions, LLC. Please call us for our current temporary and permanent placement fees

What if our office is not satisfied with the employee?

Our billing system allows for the employer to do a “working interview” with the potential employee. Upon hiring the employee, the permanent placement fee is not due in one lump sum—but on the following schedule instead so the employee and the employer can see if they work well together.

* Employee hire date 25% of the referral fee due
* 30 days later 25% of the referral fee due
* 60 days later 25% of the referral fee due
* 90 days later 25% of the referral fee due

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