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Two registered dental hygienists with nearly 20 years of experience between them founded Breathe Easy Staffing Solutions, LLC to place hygienists, dental assistants and dental office personnel in temporary or permanent positions.

Our experience in the dental industry gives us a unique advantage: Both co-owners work at least one day a week as temporary hygienists, so we know the offices and the offices know us. This ensures that candidates and offices are a good fit. In fact, we now have about 100 offices we work with and many of them use Breathe Easy Staffing Services exclusively!

Diane Pallone-SmithDiane Pallone-Smith

A.A.S. Dental Hygiene, A.A.S. Business Marketing

"As co-owner of Breathe Easy Staffing Solutions I am able to utilize both my dental hygiene degree and experience from my marketing background. I am looking forward to helping dentists grow their businesses with quality employees. I believe that work should be a place one goes to with a sense of enjoyment in the morning—and leaves with a feeling of accomplishment at night. We are making this a reality as we help everyone breathe easy."


Krishna Downs-HillKrishna Downs-Hill

A.A.S. Dental Hygiene, Certified in Local Infiltration Anesthesia &
Nitrous Oxide Analgesia

Being a co-owner of Breathe Easy Staffing Solutions is an accomplishment that comes after many years of dental assisting, followed by my dental hygiene career. When interacting with dental offices and employees, I draw upon the knowledge I have accumulated from working in various offices throughout the years. Ultimately, to make a patient happy you need to have a good staff and a satisfied employer. We can all breathe easy as this becomes a reality for everyone involved."

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